Coin Master Tips And Tricks

Hi everyone this post will be about coin master tips and tricks to help you with the game.

As we all know at first the game is really easy, villages don’t need a lot of coins to finish up and spins are more than enough to get you through villages, also cards become harder and harder to get. So I’m introducing you to some simple tips and tricks for beginners to make your gaming life easier and get coin master free spins.
Firstly, use every meaning available to get spins. As we all know getting five spins ever 50 minutes is never enough so invite friends, get their gifts, use coin master free spins and coin master links, complete card collections and every other possible way to get free spins.

Secondly, pay attention to your pet, in coin master you get three pets the fox, the rhino and the tiger. Focus on only one of them the one you think fits you best and raise it. Don’t try to raise more than one because XP and food are hard to find and having a high leveled pet is better than two lower-leveled ones. Personally I prefer the fox because when its raised on a high enough level it digs a lot of coins and also helps on the raid madness event.

Building your village is important but collecting cards is just as important, so don’t spend all your coins on building villages, use some of them to buy chests, the earlier you do so the easier will it be for you to complete card collections at a later date. Also, pay attention because there are some certain villages that have a higher probability to give rare and gold cards.
Pay attention to coin master events. There are events on coin master like raid madness, attack madness, and special events that give humongous amounts of coins and spins if you play them properly. My advice is to always collect some spins before an event starts so when it does so you are ready to play and receive higher rewards.

Also, pay attention while playing because during such events spins have a certain probability of repeating themselves. Like in raid madness, for example, a raid opportunity usually comes after you have done three attacks. So after a raid bet a minimum amount and after three attacks raise it close to the maximum.
The same thing also happens with the attack madness event, although keeping track with it is a little more complicated, but in simple terms, after you get an attack set the spin energy at 1x and gradually increase it till you get another attack.

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