Coin Master Cards and Facebook groups for trading

The main purpose of the coin master game is to build your villages over and love till you go to the last one which points to the end of the game. Along the way, you get new features and events to get you through it without getting bored, like the daily spinning wheel, at a later date the tournaments, the Fast Viking Quest, and lastly but most importantly the different events that happen periodically in the game for everyone to enjoy like raid madness, attack madness, and other special events.
Just as important as finishing a village is also the card collection feature. It is one of the best ways to get a humongous amount of coin master free spins and pet XP till day. And as we all know completing card collections is definitely not easy, especially for players who are at the upper levels of the villages. Unlocking new villages also unlocks new cards and new collections for you to fill up, but that also raises the difficulty of players getting the card they desire. Everyone who has played this game at some point has gotten that frustrating feeling of having most of your collections just needing one more card for it to be completed, and more frustrating is you spending millions or even billions of coins to buy chests and not even getting a new card, just repeats piling up on your collection. Although there is the option of trading between friends there comes a time when even they don’t have the cards you desire.
So here are some of the best ways for you to get cards in order to fill your collections and most importantly I’ll be introducing Facebook groups for trading cards.
Except for buying chests one of the ways to get cards is cards for chests a new feature of coin master on which you trade your duplicate cards for a chest, and the chest has a 1/50 chance of giving you the joker card some other random cards, pet XP, food, and spins. There is also the Viking quest which gives you gold cards with its gifts. Aside from that, you have an event where you trade a gold card for another gold card. There are opportunities that you shouldn’t miss.
Now to the main point, the Facebook card trading groups. As the number of players continued to rise the need for a means of communication between players became necessary. Most high-level players couldn’t find the cards they needed from their Facebook friends, so it became necessary that some Facebook card trading groups were created. How they work is really simple, someone posts a card they need and if you have it as a duplicate you can give it to them in exchange for another card of your choice. I am talking about normal cards of course because as we all know you cant trade gold ones. There are also some members of these groups who just give their cards without asking for anything in exchange. This is a great boon for everyone because you can finish your card collections much much faster, this especially in the late stages when cards are even rarer. The exchange is pretty simple, as soon as you agree about the card you will give and the card you will receive, you add the other person as a Facebook friend you send him the card he sends the card you want and that’s it. If you want you can remove that friend or just let him be. Finding such groups is simple just search on Facebook coin master card trading groups and you’ll find a couple of them.
Some of which I’m just naming here: Coin master links, Coin Master Card trading Group, Coin Master Card Trading Groups, Coin Master trading group.

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