A guide for beginners on how to play coin master skillfully

Nowadays coin master has become a worldwide game with a huge amount of players from every corner of the world. Lots of people enjoy it and many more have created their Facebook friends circle who all play and support each other on the game be that with coin master free spins, coins gifts and even collection cards they need.
For everyone who is a high level on this game, there was a time where they didn’t know about even the basic strategies of playing it. Day after day they learned some simple tricks that are helpful when playing the games that especially at its middle and last stages where finishing a village becomes harder and harder and car collections are almost impossible to complete.
So today I’m gonna show some simple tips that every beginner in the game should know for an easier and more enjoyable gaming time because, to be honest nobody likes being stuck on a single island for days.
First of all, what almost every new player ignores at the games’ early stages are card chests.
Now, this might sound stupid but just hear me out, the more you upgrade your villages the more card collections are unlocked for you to fill up. The problem with that is that if you didn’t pay any attention to buying chests there will come a time where finishing up card collections becomes nearly impossible, so at every stage of the game please try to buy at least some chests. Also, pay attention because there are some villages called power villages that have a higher probability of giving better cards and even gold ones.
Secondly, card trading. I have a couple of advice’s on this topic to start off, try to join some card trading groups on Facebook they are easy to find and really helpful in the long run. Also, if you want to send more than five cards within a day then change the date within your phone. For those who are getting addicted to this game, creating other coin master accounts is also a good choice, getting coin master links, you can use the account for collecting cards you don’t have or just to attack and raid it whenever you want to with your main account.
Lastly but most importantly, pay special attention to coin master events. Try to earn as much as you can from them, and if you think that you cant reach the goal with the number of spins you have it would be better to save them for the other events rather than spending them for nothing. Also always have a certain amount of spins ready at the start of a new event to help you get a jump start.

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